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Default How-to:: 02-05 4x4 Leveling Kit
by schroederMP 08-06-2011, 02:40 AM

Ok...I didn't get to take that many pics because I was kinda lazy. Not gonna lie. I did this after work so I was little tired

But here is a how to for a leveling kit.

First you need to jack the truck up and place it on jack stands. Make sure both tires are OFF the ground.

After that is done...crawl under the truck and take out the bolt that adjusts your torsion keys.

One the bolt is out, you will need to take a C clamp and apply pressure to the stock torsion key. Bascially what you are doing is pushing up on the torsion key, so you can get the thing out that you thread the bolt through for the torsion keys(sorry I dont know the technical terms)

The thing that I have circle is the piece that the bolt threads through. The bolt threads through it and into the torsion key, thats how you adjust the ride hidth.

Ok once that retainer is out, slide the torsion bar OUT of your lower control arm. This will alow you to remove the torsion key. This is what the tosion key looks like. You can see the indented circles, the outer one is were the bolt goes into to adjust your ride hidth.

Once you have the old one out...replace it with your new torsion keys. The leveling keys are design to reposition the tosion bars so you can level your truck, but NOT lose your factory ride.

Once you have the new keys in, tighten the bolt. You can see the bolt pushing into the key. Thread it up 1/4 of an inch. Once done, lower the truck back down. And take it for a drive...taking it for a drive will let your suspension settle. Once done driving, park the truck on a flat surface. Messure from the bottle of your wheel, to your fender. If you want the truck completely level, messure your rear...and make your front match the rear. If the front end is HIGHER than the rear, all you need to do is get under the truck and back the bolt out, and measure again. If the front end is LOWER than the rear, you will need to jack the truck back up to adjust the bolt back up (you cant adjust the bolt up with the weight of the truck on the suspension).

Its take a little bit to adjust everything...but its do-able and very easy. I was done in an hour and a half.

Once you are happy with the ride...take it to a shop and have it aligned. Your toe will be off and you will wear your tires out quick.

Here is a youtube video from Readylift that explains it really well. Hope this helps :)

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OH...and if your truck is 8 years old like mine. And live in an area that makes vehicles rust...I recomend soaking the torsion key bolts and the part were the torsion bar goes into the lower control arm.
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